God possibly created this place for the fairies  to live amongst the olive trees and the natural springs of the beautiful green mountains, amongst the blue of the sky and the azure of the Ionian Sea. He probably wanted to give us a small taste of heaven on earth


   The legend claims that Benitses was named after a pirate's boat ,or even the pirate himself,who was enraptured by the beauty of this place.The ruins of the 3rd.Century courtyards and the Roman baths, clearly depict that Benitses has been a place of retreat for centuries. In the 1970's, Benitses was transformed from famous fishing village to tourist resort; pionering tourist development for the island and for the whole of Greece. Of course you can not miss the famous Shell Museum which is here since 1989. The lively spirit of about one thousand residents is constantly in search for new ways of blooming.


   With it's graphic streets and alleys, it's crystal clear sea and the warm environment created by it's residents;to visitors, local and foreign,Benitses will become a part of themselves, forever





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