The village of "Benitses" is located near the centre of the island, just twelve km. South of Corfu Town .Here, the sea and the mountains co-exist in harmony like many other things, including traditional singing and modern music- the white-washed patios full of flowers and the luxurious hotel reception areas- traditional food and international cuisine- the graphic chapels and the busy restaurants and bars.

   In the last few years, Benitses has been part of the municipality of Achillion with a special place amongst other villages.
Just 3 km away from Benitses there is the famous Achillion Museam (Sisi's Palace) and the well-known "Mouse Island of Corfou". Through the festive functions of the municipality, the local choir, the community centre and the governing authority have organised festivals worthy of great admiration. Distinguished amongst these are the Resurrection Night, Saint-Marina celebration
( 16-17/07), The Baptism(06/01), and the Sardine festival(August).

   Beside the crystal clear waters of the beaches, awarded with the EU Blue Flag, the new harbour is built with modern facilities, enhancing the village, the municipality and also the whole island.

          So... certainly the absolute holiday resort!



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